AdvanceDNA Forensic Genealogy Research

Providing information leading to the identification of DNA contributors from violent crime. This may include the identification of victim and/or assailant DNA contributors.

Decedent Identification

Leverage our team of forensic genealogists to reunite an unknown decedent, such as a John or Jane Doe, with their identity. Our team accepts recommendations from the community, contact us to recommend a case.

Living Identification

Our team supports the effort to end human trafficking. Our team applies AdvanceDNA techniques to support victim identification for both reunification and law enforcement adjudication purposes.


AdvanceDNA supports small and large scale projects within the community that align with our values and mission. Contact us today with your ideas!

Education & Training

With combined training experience in both law enforcement and genealogy, AdvanceDNA can provide training tailored  to meet the needs of our clients. 

Speaking & Events

AdvanceDNA welcomes invitations to private or public events, contact us with your event details to learn more.

Contact Us

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